Who We Are

You can expect quality customer care before, during, and after the construction of your home with TRUbuild.

– JT Bhabra

JT Bhabra has been working in the home construction industry since 1991 and is a current member of BILD (Renomark) and the Ontario Home Builders Association. His company, TRUbuild, is a family run operation, with his wife Rena Bhabra heading the project procurement and design aspect along with experienced staff including qualified site supervisors and project managers.

From consulting and design services, to project coordination and construction, right up until the moment you have the keys in your hand, TRUbuild can help make your Custom renovation or New Home build a painless and enjoyable experience.

TRUbuild Inc. – Custom Homes and Renovations over the years has developed many professional contacts within the construction industry, with over 25 years of combined experience, and utilizes their expertise on all of its projects. It’s best when certain parts of the projects are left to the real professionals.

TRUbuild truly believes in helping every client achieve their perfect idea of a home and we do it in such a way that you will actually enjoy the experience.

JT Bhabra is also a real estate professional with an esteemed brokerage, and this, in turn, allows him to better assist you in choosing the right property to renovate or build on. This is critical as many find themselves with properties that cannot be developed on.

JT Bhabra finds the time to also consult with clients whose projects are either left abandoned or clients find themselves just not getting along with their contractor. Jt Bhabra can come to the rescue to make heads and tails and bring the project back on track. Over the years we have found ourselves taking on projects that have been abandoned by contractors.

We will forward to assisting you in any real estate or construction matters.

Why Choose Us

Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to, custom homes and renovations in renowned neighbourhoods of the GTA: Avenue Road/Lawrence area, Davisville, Yonge St/Lawrence Ave, Bathurst St/Eglinton Ave, Yonge St and Eglinton Ave, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Mississauga, Oakville, Markham and Richmond Hill.

The reason to choose TRUbuild for your next project is simple: we provide turnkey service. From designing and building single-family dwellings, additions, renovations and light commercial projects, TRUbuild can cover all the details. Every step, from design services, financing, permits, approvals, construction, interior design and landscaping are handled in a seamless process for which TRUbuild has become famous.

TRUbuild would be delighted in working with you and hopes to keep you happy while your home is under construction… and to leave you amazed when the home is completed. A home of uncompromising quality – beautiful from top to bottom and the realization of what was once but a dream – is what you get when you choose TRUbuild.


It all starts with a good set of architectural drawings. Spend the time with your architect and go over the complete layout. Pretend and visualize walking through the house when you receive the initial plans. Revise and amend accordingly till it meets your needs and to your satisfaction. A well laid out set of plans ensures a seamless construction process. However, there are always little changes as the project progresses and is absolutely normal. Not having fully thought through the architectural plans will lead to aggravation, frustration and change order costs that can and will create budget overruns during construction. We can take your plans and give you a contractors perspective. An architects view is one thing, but materializing the plans and actual constructing your new living space should be left to the construction specialist. TRUbuild associates itself with many renowned architects and designers and we can assist in introducing you to theses specialists in whatever trade or product. They vary depending on the style of your home, from modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional.
Knowing yourself: Are you decisive and know what you want. If so, you will enjoy the whole construction process with our assistance. We merit ourselves with knowing some of the best trades and suppliers to make your choosing process easier and with confidence. If you don’t know what you want, and really do not have the time, then hiring a qualified designer would ease your decision making and let the construction process go seamlessly, and you attain the look you desire. A drive though your neighbourhood is a good place to start with ideas. Take photo’s, provide addresses, and we’ll make sure we can blend and bring new and fresh ideas to the table that will compliment your tastes.

We can present options and quotes based on your desires, even if its just to fill your curiosity.

At TRUbuild, we truly want the construction process to be an enjoyable experience. We have proven and shown time and again that we will do our best to bring this truly exceptional experience to your doorstep. Right from the contract to after move in and warranty phase. We value each of our clients, and believe in building a home or living space that we can proudly call our own and perform the job with passion and commitment.

Basically its your home, and you’ll be occupying the space even after we have left, and we want you to remember the process and allow you to cherish your home to the fullest.